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How do I set my homepage in Mozilla Firefox?

Undoubtedly, the Firefox app is one of the most iconic internet browser available. Should you be one of the millions of Firefox users, you have surely thought about replacing the plain, regular starting page with a website of your choosing. If this is the case, you’re at just the right place to find out how this is done!

Step-by-step instructions on how to set any website as your starting page in Firefox

  1. Open your Firefox just as you do usually. You should, for now, look upon the browser’s regular startup page.
  2. Now, click on the icon made up of three vertical lines in the top right corner of your tab and select the “Options” icon.
  3. After this, you’ll be met with a new tab.
  4. On the left side, you should be able to see a menu with the tab “General”, among others, which should be the one you’re currently viewing.
  5. Now, just above the “Downloads” header, there is a headline called “Home Page”.
  6. Now, before you may choose your custom homepage, you’ll need the corresponding URL. This link may be obtained by opening the desired website in a different tab and clicking the top-hand searchbar once.
  7. Now, the link should be marked and coloured blue. Following this, copy the URL by either pressing the “Strg” and the “c” key simultaneously or by rightclicking it and selecting the “Copy” option.
  8. Afterwards, go back to the “Options” tab and either click the corresponding text field to the right of the “Home Page” menu and press “Strg” and “v” or rightclick said text field and choose the “Insert” option.
  9. And that’s it, it’s this easy!

What are the most popular websites/homepages in your country?

The top 10 most visited websites in the US are Goolge, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Twitter, Ebay and Netflix. What is your favorite website? Please vote and post your favorite site in comments.

Which website do you use as your homepage in your browser?

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