Startseite festlegen beim Microsoft Edge Browser

How do I set my homepage in Microsoft Edge?

If you’re a Windows user and like millions of others mainly use Microsoft’s own browser, you have surely wondered, if it was possible replace the plain regular Edge starting page with a website of your choosing. Would you like to greatly convenience your daily internet life like that? This guide will show you how to do it in no time at all!

Step-by-step instructions on how to set any website as your starting page in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser just like you would do usually and click the button with the three dots in the top right corner of your startup page.
  2. Now, a new menu will open up, please select the “Settings” option to access the corresponding tab.
  3. After doing this and said tab has opened up, you’ll have to scroll down and click the “View advanced settings” button under the “Advanced settings” header.
  4. Now, another menu will pop up, you’ll now have to enable the “Show homepage button” by clicking on the corresponding switch. If it’s enabled, it is coloured blue.
  5. Preceding this, a drop-down menu should appear directly below the mentioned switch.
  6. Within this new menu, you’ll need to select “A specific page”, after which a textbox will appear, labeled “Enter a URL”. Now, your desired startup page’s link is required.
  7. To get it, open a new tab and visit the webpage you’d like to designate as your homepage.
  8. Click the top-hand search bar once, which should lead to the URL being now coloured blue.
  9. Now, you’ll have to copy this link, this may be achieved by either pressing the “Strg” and “c” button at the same time, or by rightclicking the text and selecting the “copy” option.
  10. After this, go back to the first tab, click the “Enter a URL” textbox and either press “Strg” and “v” simultaneously or rightclick said box and select “Insert”.
  11. As for the last step, just press the floppy disk icon to the right of the textbox to save your new startup page and you’ve now set your own, custom homepage in the Microsoft Edge browser.

What are the most popular websites/homepages in your country?

The top 10 most visited websites in the US are Goolge, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Twitter, Ebay and Netflix. What is your favorite website? Please vote and post your favorite site in comments.

Which website do you use as your homepage in your browser?

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